Fall Projects

4 Oct

Finally fall is here. Time to start the winter crafts. I have wanted to start knitting for months now, but couldn’t bring myself to make a scarf in the middle of july. I am dying to find a good floppy winter hat pattern. I went on the search and didn’t come back with much. If you know of one pass it my way.  Here’s what I did find though…


Put a stamp on it

11 Sep


Christmas Family Letter

Ok my humor isn’t usually this “bad” but these cards did make me smile. My favorite is the Christmas card letter that you fill in the blanks. =) I may just have to buy these.  I found them on this site:  zeichenpress.com

Oh boy, Oh boy

1 Sep

Yup…I am having a boy. Super excited. I have to rethink some things cause I really thought I was having a girl. =) (maybe next time)  I have been busy planning. So much goes into this baby making thing! New clothes. Baby gear. baby showers. Anyway found some sweet pics that inspired my baby shower ideas. =) hope you enjoy.

Love me some crafts

The Baby Bump

10 Aug

Well… I have made it to twelve weeks!!! Not afraid now to announce that we are expecting a little one in Feb. =) I have been saving photo clips of crafty baby ideas I have fallen in love with. Thought I would post some on here in celebration of the news. =) Although most of the stuff I have liked is girl stuff. I better get looking for some boy theme crafts. Anyone know of some baby centered blogs of sites?

Name Poster

Rifle Paper Co.

4 Aug

Love the look of these

Love all her prints. I think her color choices are unique and very happy.

Talks of a Wedding

10 Jul

Not to start a rumor but there is a wedding in the making. =) Not mine, that already happened, but a dear friend. Any who… made me look through my idea files and I found these beauts. Hmmm so sweet.

Did you catch their guestbook/family tree?

Feeling Playful Today

22 Jun