One Fine Day

14 Apr

Heather’s Baby Shower

My cousin (and very best friend) Heather is one of the most creatively smart people I know. She has a sweet country store, that I have been begging her to get a website for, full of all kinds of home decorations. It was no surprise that when I showed up for her baby shower that the room was decked out for a great party and she had a very fun color scheme (pink, green, and brown)  I was too busy playing that I forgot to take some pics so I stole these from my sister. Hope you enjoy these pics and can maybe use some of these great ideas one day.

Onesie game

Onesie game

We played the onesie game. Everyone had to bring a funny onesie. We voted on the best and the winner went home with the center piece on the table.

Onesie I picked

This is the onesie I picked but the winner was the one to the left. It read “all mommy wanted was a backrub” pretty funny.

Center Piece

Center Piece Heather made


Lovin Oven Cake

baby love

This baby will want for nothing

heather, me, baby

Heather and I and lets not forget that sweet bump!

Heather, Jen, And Aunt Patty  you did such a wonderful job.

World say hello to…



2 Responses to “One Fine Day”

  1. Rachelle Denecke April 14, 2010 at 8:12 pm #

    Your sister has amazing photography skills 😉

    My blog is up and running now. You should add a link to your page so that people can subscribe. Not me, of course, but other people.

  2. Jen April 14, 2010 at 11:05 pm #

    I was so happy you were able to make it to the shower. It was such a great time and Heather got some great gifts and cute outfits. We have such a great, caring family and she has some great friends as well. I was glad to spend some time with you afterwards and look forward to seeing you once she arrives!!

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