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Put a stamp on it

11 Sep


Christmas Family Letter

Ok my humor isn’t usually this “bad” but these cards did make me smile. My favorite is the Christmas card letter that you fill in the blanks. =) I may just have to buy these.  I found them on this site:


Rifle Paper Co.

4 Aug

Love the look of these

Love all her prints. I think her color choices are unique and very happy.

The Best of the Best Thoughts of the Day

30 May

Design is Mine has a section on it called thoughts of the day. I frequent this page cause depending on my mood different phrases stick out to me. I have gathered quite a collection of them. I thought I would share a few of them to get you addicted to this site too.  Which one is your favorite?

a film shot by Brandie Hart.

Anna Melcon

live What You Love," from Hijirik Studio

Caisee Montgomery of Maddox + Klaus

Love Saves the Day" by Wayne Pate

Alyson Graves of Unruly Things

Here is the link to the site:

Everywhere But Here

27 May

Wake-up…   Check

Brush my teeth… Check

Run out the door and don’t come back till midnight all week…Check

Sorry for the long days of no blogs. My life has been really crazy as of late. (I know you sit up at night worried about me and where I’ve been) I got a pretty big paint job a couple of weeks ago. I am painting this super old house. It’s been a blast. I have also fallen in love with the older (than me) couple that lives in said house. They have made me a dozen meals and have taught me more in two weeks then I ever thought possible. (side note: the lady I’ve been painting for makes, as in sews, 1 blanket a day to give to the needy. How amazing is that ! )

It’s time for me to go work again. But I wanted to leave you with a cute picture. I am planning on hanging a chalkboard by my front door for notes-&-such. I will post a picture if I ever get around to actually hanging it. I found this cool chalkboard online…I am pretty sure my husband wont go for a whale shaped one. It may be worth a try though.

A sure way you wont go back for seconds

10 May
Imagine you just finished a BIG plate of lasagna. Mmmm that was yummy.                                            Then you see this…

Fishseddy Dinnerware

If this cant keep me skinny nothing will. =)

Summer Bash 2010

29 Apr

I LOVE being a hostess. I used to have weekly get togethers at my apartment in Chicago. That was about hmmm five years ago. Since then I have moved about, oh let me see, five times. =) Somewhere in all of that I lost my gathering spirit. (lack of friends in those new places might have been a factor)

I am feeling very inspired these days though. My husband and I recently moved back near family and friends. I have about five years of pent-up party planning in me and this summer…IT”S ON.

I stumbled onto a great party planning site. It’s all pictures, no how-tos. If you need a place to get inspired look no further. I didn’t leave her site until I looked through every picture. So without further ado… meet my well heeled hostess.

www.The PARTY

Dont miss this awesome vase.

"I want to go to there" (Tina Fey)


This is yellow jello (not edible) =) But pretty idea

This is yellow jello (not edible) =) But pretty idea

Are you inspired yet?

What would you do with them?…I dunno. =)

24 Apr

Found this Etsy store. (If you have never been to Etsy you need to go check it out. It’s a crafters paradise.) Any whos, this owl made me smile and laugh a little. I thought maybe someone else might need a smile. You’re welcome. Not sure what it is that you would do with these things but hey they are cute so who cares.

Sorry, for the random post. I have been on a paint job and working my bum off. No time to surf the interweb. See you all soon. Beck