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Fall Projects

4 Oct

Finally fall is here. Time to start the winter crafts. I have wanted to start knitting for months now, but couldn’t bring myself to make a scarf in the middle of july. I am dying to find a good floppy winter hat pattern. I went on the search and didn’t come back with much. If you know of one pass it my way.  Here’s what I did find though…


Water Bomb

30 May

From Craft Gossip

How to:

Cut sponge in long strips  then rubber band them in the middle.

With a Bow on Top

18 May

I have a bunch of baby showers and weddings to attend this summer. Which means lots of stuff to buy and wrap. I stumbled onto these cute ideas you can make yourself with some scrapbook paper, buttons, and hemp. (for the t0/from tags you may need to glue your paper on some card stock before you cut them out to make it sturdy)

By Linda Harriett

Heart Shaped Family Tree

14 May

This is my weekend craft. I love this idea of a tree made out of a map. I am going to make the tree trunk using an Ohio map (where I live). Then in all the heart shaped leaves I will use places that my friends and family are from, like a family tree. If you make this too send me pictures I would love to post a bunch of these. I think this is such a sweet idea.

tree of hearts by Bombus

Happy Mothers Day

10 May

Ok Ok I know its too late to plan decorations for this years Mothers Day party but put a few of these ideas in the back of your brain for next year. I love the colors in these pics. So peaceful to me. Ahhhh …happy by design!!!

flowers by bornay

Twig and tissue paper bloom by Anna of Rifle design

Not really Mothers Day style- but pretty nifty. by Ingrid Jansen

Stamps…thank you Beth.

6 May

Look what I just got from my sweet sister (in-law) Beth. She read my earlier post, Hello to you,  about making my own stationary. =) All ready had some fun with them.

yup, those are my mothers day cards- and yup, I mailed them out a day late.

While we are talking stamps I thought I would share a fun thrifty idea from Ms. Martha herself. It’s rolled up cardboard. (smart very smart)  You can make them different sizes to change up the design. I love it…dont you?

Summer Bash 2010

29 Apr

I LOVE being a hostess. I used to have weekly get togethers at my apartment in Chicago. That was about hmmm five years ago. Since then I have moved about, oh let me see, five times. =) Somewhere in all of that I lost my gathering spirit. (lack of friends in those new places might have been a factor)

I am feeling very inspired these days though. My husband and I recently moved back near family and friends. I have about five years of pent-up party planning in me and this summer…IT”S ON.

I stumbled onto a great party planning site. It’s all pictures, no how-tos. If you need a place to get inspired look no further. I didn’t leave her site until I looked through every picture. So without further ado… meet my well heeled hostess.

www.The PARTY

Dont miss this awesome vase.

"I want to go to there" (Tina Fey)


This is yellow jello (not edible) =) But pretty idea

This is yellow jello (not edible) =) But pretty idea

Are you inspired yet?