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The Baby Bump

10 Aug

Well… I have made it to twelve weeks!!! Not afraid now to announce that we are expecting a little one in Feb. =) I have been saving photo clips of crafty baby ideas I have fallen in love with. Thought I would post some on here in celebration of the news. =) Although most of the stuff I have liked is girl stuff. I better get looking for some boy theme crafts. Anyone know of some baby centered blogs of sites?

Name Poster


Talks of a Wedding

10 Jul

Not to start a rumor but there is a wedding in the making. =) Not mine, that already happened, but a dear friend. Any who… made me look through my idea files and I found these beauts. Hmmm so sweet.

Did you catch their guestbook/family tree?

Birthday Designs

14 Jun

My birthday is coming up in a few days. Excited.  I have been saving ideas for my dream party. =) Ok, they are really just sweet pictures… but if I was going to have a party I wouldn’t mind if it looked like these.


love the colors in this

How happy is this fabric?

I am getting that pattern!