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Birthday Designs

14 Jun

My birthday is coming up in a few days. Excited.  I have been saving ideas for my dream party. =) Ok, they are really just sweet pictures… but if I was going to have a party I wouldn’t mind if it looked like these.


love the colors in this

How happy is this fabric?

I am getting that pattern!



Busy Busy Busy

7 Jun

Gosh, maintaining a blog is a lot more work then I thought. =)

I’ve been working on a huge to-do list of house projects. Hemming curtains, fixing tiles, painting shutters. Fun stuff here peeps but it’s been keeping me busy.

On a crafty note, I have been working on some cute projects. When I am done I will post some pictures.

I am debating on starting my own Etsy store. My plan is to work on crafts all summer long and then open a store in the fall. Maybe I will use you guys as my judges to tell me what’s hip or not ( I am sensitive so break it to me softly)

I love pretty pictures so I am gonna leave you with some random ones.

Great way to add color to an office or work space.

Pretty...wish I knew where I got this photo so I could give credit.

Great filing system... and cute to boot.

Everywhere But Here

27 May

Wake-up…   Check

Brush my teeth… Check

Run out the door and don’t come back till midnight all week…Check

Sorry for the long days of no blogs. My life has been really crazy as of late. (I know you sit up at night worried about me and where I’ve been) I got a pretty big paint job a couple of weeks ago. I am painting this super old house. It’s been a blast. I have also fallen in love with the older (than me) couple that lives in said house. They have made me a dozen meals and have taught me more in two weeks then I ever thought possible. (side note: the lady I’ve been painting for makes, as in sews, 1 blanket a day to give to the needy. How amazing is that ! )

It’s time for me to go work again. But I wanted to leave you with a cute picture. I am planning on hanging a chalkboard by my front door for notes-&-such. I will post a picture if I ever get around to actually hanging it. I found this cool chalkboard online…I am pretty sure my husband wont go for a whale shaped one. It may be worth a try though.

Top 10 things that make me smile

17 May

(1) Anthropologie

I have to start with Anthropologie. I love everything about this store. They can do no wrong. (except be freakin expensive)

(2) Boden Clothing

Boden clothing has a really unique style and I feel they close the gap for that awkward 20-something clothing stage. It’s for those women who cant dress like a teen but are not ready to start dressing like a soccer mom. (Not that there is anything wrong with soccer moms, I am looking forward to that stage…I’m just not there yet) and how cute is their mini stuff. *smile

(3) Keurig Coffee Maker

For those who have to start their day with coffee goodness. I bought a Kurig a year ago and I love it. It’s easy clean up and I save so much money making one cup at a time.

While on the subject of coffee I thought I would follow up with these yummy treats. I love having these dunkers with my coffee. You can thank me for this recommendation later. (BTW Trader Joes should be on my top ten list too)

(4) Taking Pictures

I am no pro… but I have fun with it.  I also picked  this one so that I could show off my two fab dogs. (bottom two pics)

(5) Etsy

If you are shopping or just browsing to get inspiration Etsy wont let you down. Its handmade crafts set up kinda like ebay without the bidding.

(6) K.P. Yohannan

This man works with gospel for Asia. His writing has been really inspirational to me.

(7) Living by Martha Stewart

Ok- I know its not cool to like the things that have become over popular. But in this case I just don’t care. Martha knows what she is talking about. (or she hires people that know what they are talking about) I don’t care which it is I love this magazine. Also the magazine Real Simple is one of my favs.

(8) Art Blogs

Getting ideas from these chicks is a high point during my web surfing.

(9) Thrifting

Goodwill you are my friend. Although nothing beats Chicago Thrifting. Miss that a bunch.

(10) Painting (anything) but for this blog…Furniture

AFact: About half the furniture in my house is painted!

Summer Bash 2010

29 Apr

I LOVE being a hostess. I used to have weekly get togethers at my apartment in Chicago. That was about hmmm five years ago. Since then I have moved about, oh let me see, five times. =) Somewhere in all of that I lost my gathering spirit. (lack of friends in those new places might have been a factor)

I am feeling very inspired these days though. My husband and I recently moved back near family and friends. I have about five years of pent-up party planning in me and this summer…IT”S ON.

I stumbled onto a great party planning site. It’s all pictures, no how-tos. If you need a place to get inspired look no further. I didn’t leave her site until I looked through every picture. So without further ado… meet my well heeled hostess.

www.The PARTY

Dont miss this awesome vase.

"I want to go to there" (Tina Fey)


This is yellow jello (not edible) =) But pretty idea

This is yellow jello (not edible) =) But pretty idea

Are you inspired yet?

One Fine Day

14 Apr

Heather’s Baby Shower

My cousin (and very best friend) Heather is one of the most creatively smart people I know. She has a sweet country store, that I have been begging her to get a website for, full of all kinds of home decorations. It was no surprise that when I showed up for her baby shower that the room was decked out for a great party and she had a very fun color scheme (pink, green, and brown)  I was too busy playing that I forgot to take some pics so I stole these from my sister. Hope you enjoy these pics and can maybe use some of these great ideas one day.

Onesie game

Onesie game

We played the onesie game. Everyone had to bring a funny onesie. We voted on the best and the winner went home with the center piece on the table.

Onesie I picked

This is the onesie I picked but the winner was the one to the left. It read “all mommy wanted was a backrub” pretty funny.

Center Piece

Center Piece Heather made


Lovin Oven Cake

baby love

This baby will want for nothing

heather, me, baby

Heather and I and lets not forget that sweet bump!

Heather, Jen, And Aunt Patty  you did such a wonderful job.

World say hello to…