Ready for summer

15 Jun

Found this on some art site. Want to be there.


Cup this Cake. =)

14 Jun


(Enough said)

Ok not a cup cake but still yummy.

Birthday Designs

14 Jun

My birthday is coming up in a few days. Excited.  I have been saving ideas for my dream party. =) Ok, they are really just sweet pictures… but if I was going to have a party I wouldn’t mind if it looked like these.


love the colors in this

How happy is this fabric?

I am getting that pattern!


Back in Chicago

11 Jun

No time to post just wanted to share the start to some blocks i am painting!

Busy Busy Busy

7 Jun

Gosh, maintaining a blog is a lot more work then I thought. =)

I’ve been working on a huge to-do list of house projects. Hemming curtains, fixing tiles, painting shutters. Fun stuff here peeps but it’s been keeping me busy.

On a crafty note, I have been working on some cute projects. When I am done I will post some pictures.

I am debating on starting my own Etsy store. My plan is to work on crafts all summer long and then open a store in the fall. Maybe I will use you guys as my judges to tell me what’s hip or not ( I am sensitive so break it to me softly)

I love pretty pictures so I am gonna leave you with some random ones.

Great way to add color to an office or work space.

Pretty...wish I knew where I got this photo so I could give credit.

Great filing system... and cute to boot.

Water Bomb

30 May

From Craft Gossip

How to:

Cut sponge in long strips  then rubber band them in the middle.

The Best of the Best Thoughts of the Day

30 May

Design is Mine has a section on it called thoughts of the day. I frequent this page cause depending on my mood different phrases stick out to me. I have gathered quite a collection of them. I thought I would share a few of them to get you addicted to this site too.  Which one is your favorite?

a film shot by Brandie Hart.

Anna Melcon

live What You Love," from Hijirik Studio

Caisee Montgomery of Maddox + Klaus

Love Saves the Day" by Wayne Pate

Alyson Graves of Unruly Things

Here is the link to the site: